Hi, Jenna here.

I first started writing during my senior year of college while working in the admitting department in a hospital. I missed the ER where I worked before I got married and I missed my family 2000 miles away. Since reading books was banned and I had no internet access, I found that in between registering patients (over the phone) I could write here and there on scrap paper in my little cubicle. My first story was one about a girl and a ghost who fell in love.

I next wrote a MS about a girl who went to China for her university work and got tangled up in a Chinese underground gang. Somehow even though it was set in China there was no mention about anything Chinese except she couldn’t understand what anyone around her was saying.  I’m embarrassed to admit I actually queried this. It was then I decided I needed to learn more about what was becoming my life’s passion.

That was four years ago.

Today I’m still writing, still learning its craft and reading my way through enormous stacks of books by phenomenal people who are far better at writing than I am 🙂 I live in the midwest, USA with a handsome husband and two beautiful daughters. I routinely fall behind in almost everything My house is always clean, I can’t bake cookies, my culinary delights are neighborhood legend, and I desperately cling to my procrastination and I’m never ten minutes late to everything.

I love ghost stories, books that make me forget where I am, watching movies outside, snuggling in blankets, vanilla steamers and art museums calm my stormy days. I’m very shy but meeting nice people always makes my day. I hope you say hello and share some of your writing/reading journey with me 🙂


What do you think?

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