Writerly News Roundup + YAlit Debate

Hello all, have a great weekend!

Daughter of Smoke and Bone has a director!  I adored this book and LT so I really hope it makes it onto the screen.

10 Books to read while you’re waiting for The Great Gatsby to come out We’ve got a month to go. (Flavorwire)

Fascinating, Handwritten Poems of Famous Writers  The first one makes me so sad! (Flavorwire)

Neil Gaiman is so rad. OCEAN at the END of the LANE TOUR DATES  Last US signing. (Seriously, who is going with me!?)

the Guardian asks, Where are the normal boys in fiction?  Interesting to ponder. (Guardian)

Five Characters Who Would Make Horrible Real Life Boyfriends N 1 on their list? Edward Cullen. (Quirk Books)

Can YA book ever be Inappropriate? This would be a very interesting debate.

I’ll admit that when Hunger Games came out I ranted a bit about how a flood of copycat children-killing-each-other/way to much violence would swarm the book world like so many copycat vampire novels did after Twilight. I was surprised at how my prediction really didn’t come true. However, I kinda feel like Suzanne Collins cracked open and pushed the line further out a bit as to what the general public can find in YA. As have so many authors before her. Or, maybe not so much further OUT but opened up a new branch along side other riske/pushing the envelope books.

I don’t believe in censorship at all but I had a very happy, sheltered childhood so I tend to err on the conservative side in wanting happier stories for teens to read. (Does that make me sappy!?)

 What are your thoughts? Have you ever read  YA book you thought went too far? Where do you draw the line or should there even be a line?

Up next week: #2 Master Class Leigh Bardugo, Why the movie Tangled is for every Writer AND…. My first ever VLOG. It’s happening. It will be awfully embarassing. Check back!


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